California artist, Susan Lorenzana, is a producer of custom handcrafted personalized decorative art glass.
Susan has her own signature style and custom creates her glass artistry by combining art mediums such as hand cut colored stained glass, kiln-fired glass, and mixed media embellishments. She has the ability to create handmade glass artistry for various occasions, of unmatched quality, originality, and uniqueness. The color choices are endless and design can go from totally abstract to precisely planned image. 
The Direct Method construction involves directly placing (gluing) the individual hand cut pieces of glass onto a solid canvas surface. Cement board is the most durable surface that provides a strong bond for adhesive and mosaic grout finish. The direct method suits small to mid size projects that are transportable. 
Susan's mixed-media glass artistry is recognizable for brilliant colors and textures, superior craftsmanship, customization, innovative applications, composition, sophistication, and attention to finishing detail. 

Susan Lorenzana Glass Art

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Artwork on permanent display:  Three Feng shui inspired panels Tiger and Magpie, Goldfish and Butterfly and Huimin's Pond

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