Each Art Piece below has been optimized in 9 different resolutions for use as a desktop wallpaper.
     Dolphin 1920x1200
     Dolphin 1920x1080
     Dolphin 1680x1050
     Dolphin 1600x1200
     Dolphin 1440x900
     Dolphin 1280x1024
     Dolphin 1280x800
     Dolphin 1280x720
     Dolphin 1024x768
     The Pond 1920x1200
     The Pond 1920x1080
     The Pond 1680x1050
     The Pond 1600x1200
     The Pond 1440x900
     The Pond 1280x1024
     The Pond 1280x800
     The Pond 1280x720
     The Pond 1024x768
     Air Jordan 1920x1200
     Air Jordan 1920x1080
     Air Jordan 1680x1050
     Air Jordan 1600x1200
     Air Jordan 1440x900
     Air Jordan 1280x1024
     Air Jordan 1280x800
     Air Jordan 1280x720
     Air Jordan 1024x768
     Lexus IS F 1920x1200
     Lexus IS F 1920x1080
     Lexus IS F 1680x1050
     Lexus IS F 1600x1200
     Lexus IS F 1440x900
     Lexus IS F 1280x1024
     Lexus IS F 1280x800
     Lexus IS F 1280x720
     Lexus IS F 1024x768